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My name is Kim Shay, and I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I am blessed and proud to live in Canada. While I love hockey, I don't eat poutine. 

I was converted to Christ in 1985. I have been married for 32 years and have three grown children. I am currently working on my MDiv at Heritage College and Seminary . I have been a member of my local church for 23 years, where I serve as a Sunday school teacher. When school is out, I love to read, walk my Beagles, knit, take pictures, and bake.

I am inspired by the words of Herman Bavinck:

The fact is, humans are not content with impressions and intuitions in area of knowledge. Mere consciousness of a thing is not enough for them. It is not sufficient for them to know: they want to know they know

Those words inspire my blogging. Life is a continual rhythm of reading, faith, and learning.