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Thankful Thursday

Well, for those of you who know what July 1st means here in Canada, you may know what I'm thankful for today.

Today, is the 143rd birthday of Canada.  I am thankful to have been born and raised and to live in this country.  I am actually quite a patriotic person, even if my patriotism doesn't look that of others.  I pray for my country, learn about my country and support my country.  Hey, I even watched the Canada-U.S. hockey game at the Olympics this year.  I mean, who could resist watching them beat the U.S. in such an exciting way?

There are many good things about living here and as with other countries, there are bad things.  There is no perfect government system.  Me, I prefer a theocracy, but currently that won't fly here in North America.

I'm thankful for some time this afternoon we're going to spend together as a family with my in-laws.  I have two kids who have to work tonight (yes, stores and businesses are open even on a holiday here) so the time will be brief, but precious nonetheless.

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