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Odds and ends

Busy weekend, busy week ahead; waking up to a cat with a burst abscess on his neck wasn't in my plans.

I'm gearing up to teach on Sunday and I have a busy day on Friday, so no time for real posting.  Here are a few posts you might appreciate.

My husband wrote about his spiritual wrestling with "Eunice."

Staci wrote some wise words about who were are (of course I'm going to plug the other blog when this one is quiet!).  While you're at Out of the Ordinary, read last week's posts; they were great.

David Murray wrote this post two years ago, but as we head into the winter season, you may find this information useful.  My mother has S.A.D.D., and I tend toward being much more lethargic in cloudy months, so this was useful for me when I first read it.

Aaron Armstrong's book Contend is the featured book at Cruciform.  I am in the middle of reading it for a blog tour coming up at the end of the month.  It's great so far.

And now, off to the vet...

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