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Reading the Church Fathers

Last year, I read the book Rediscovering the Church Fathers, by Michael Haykin.  At the end of the book, he recommended resources for anyone wanting to continue their study.  In addition to other books, he recommended reading the Fathers themselves.

Credo Magazine had a link to a site where you can do that.  The idea is that one can read seven pages a day for seven years and read everything.  Now, that's a long time commitment, but one must start somewhere. The site Read the Fathers has organized readings to help with that.  If you follow the site on Twitter, a link will be given to that day's reading at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. One could purchase the hard copies, but it's fourteen volumes. Perhaps there is a way to buy each volume one at a time.  The readings CCEL are quite easy on the eyes, and I'm not always a lover of reading long things on my screen.

I began reading along on Sunday, and so far, I've really enjoyed it.  The first reading contained a letter to the Corinthians Church by Clement.  Some of the problems he addressed sounded very much like our own. Whether I continue with this remains to be seen, given time factors, but it doesn't take long to do each reading, and if I miss out on thirty minutes of social media or television, I don't think I'll suffer.

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