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Training in Righteousness - 11 

I had planned on posting some final thoughts about studying epistles, but because this past weekend was so very busy,  I just didn't have time to get a post together.  What I would like to share today, though, is some links to some very helpful terms.

When I began these posts, I used words like hermeneutics, exegesis, etc., and I neglected to link a very valuable resource and that is Rebecca Writes's theological terms of the week.  I read those posts weekly, and they are very helpful.  So, in light of this whole topic of bible study, I'd like to share some of her terms that I think you will find useful.

authority of Scripture

clarity of Scripture



Canon of Scripture

inerrancy of Scripture

infallibility of Scripture

sufficiency of Scripture 

I am sure once you start looking at these terms, you'll find others that you want to read. 

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