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Share in the joy

Recently, my son shared with me what he's been doing at his summer job. He's an intern at the church he attends. He absolutely loves this job, and I am so thankful to hear the joy in his voice when he talks about it. I'm thankful to hear him say it's the best job he ever had. It's even more sweet because over the past year, I've watched my son go through the biggest trial of his young life.

There was little I could do for him other than pray. He had to walk through the trial to reach the end of it. I know it was hard. I know he struggled. I had to be careful how much I asked because he's a big boy, and he doesn't need his mommy hovering. At the same time, I didn't want to appear like I didn't care and wasn't sensitive to his grief. I wanted so much to relieve the pain and sorrow. Even though I knew his grief would leave scars of a good kind, I wished things were easier. I wanted hugs and home cooking to be enough, but he needed more than that. He needed the grace and love of his Saviour. It is always hard to see our children as anything else other than the wee ones we cuddled and cared for; it was harder over this past year, because I could see a pain I could do nothing about.

But God was faithful, and I knew he would be. I prayed that my son would see it, and he did. Seeing that he has turned a corner toward healing is a gift. As mothers, we pray for these moments; these moments when our children see the faithfulness of God in their own lives. Those moments make up for those nights when we lay awake, hoping and praying they will be okay.

It was my privilege over this past year to share the burdens of my son, and to weep with him. And now the darkness is dissipating, and the the sun is out. Now, I have the blessing of sharing in his abundant joy.

Of course there will be other trials. I have three children, after all, and I don't know, nor do they, what's coming. But for the moment, I will revel in this joy of knowing that my child has learned a lesson, straight from the hand of God and into his heart. He has learned that it was good for him to be afflicted, that he would know God's statues. (Ps. 119:71)

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Reader Comments (2)

A lovely reminder

August 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterA Wheelr

Thanks, A Wheelr! It's nice to know someone is reading :)

August 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKim Shay

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