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A durable worship

I just finished the discourse "On Spiritual Worship," in Charnock's Existence and Attributes of God. There is always so much to think about. Charnock probes everything so deeply.

I recently acquired the first volume in the works of William Perkins. In the introduction to the book, the editors mentioned smoothing out punctuation issues. Charnock uses some very creative punctuation, and with our modern understand of how punctuation works, sometimes, it's work to untangle what he's saying. I can't help but wonder if a good editor could help with that.

Throughout this discourse, the emphasis is always on the fact that because God is a Spirit, we must worship him in Spirit. At the end of the discourse, Charnock gives some exhortations for practical use, including fostering right conceptions of God:

Nourish right conceptions of the majesty of God in your minds. Let us consider that we are drawing to God, the most amiable object, the best of beings, worthy of infinte honor, and a highly meriting the highest affections we can give; a God that made the world by a word, that upholds the great frame of heaven and earth; a Majesty above the conceptions of angels; who uses not his power to strike us to our deserved punishment, but his love and bounty to allure us; a God that gave all the creatures to serve us, and can, in a trice, make them as much our enemies as he hath now made them our servants. Let us view him in his greatness and goodness, that our hearts may have a true value of the worship of so great a majesty, and count it the most worthy employment with all diligence to attend upon him. When we have a fear of God, it will make our worship serious; when we have a joy in God, it will make our worship durable. Our affections will be raised when we represent God in the most reverential, endearing, and obliging circumstances. We honor the majesty of God, when we consider him with due reverence according to the greatness and perfection of his works.

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I agree. Someone should update Charnock's punctuation.

February 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca Stark

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