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Don't close your eyes

I will admit that this is a post that many will disagree with. I am willing to admit that my feelings on this are personal bias, but I wonder if others feel the same.

I don't like it when the people on worship teams close their eyes.

Technically, we don't need 6-7 people on a platform to successfully lead worship, but that is beside the point. Those people are there to lead singing, to promote worship. Part of leading is, in my opinion, making eye contact with the people whom you are leading. I can bear the "sing it like you mean it" exhortations (although, inside I'm cringing) but when the song leaders are caught up in a private moment, with eyes closed, zoned out, they become something to be watched, not someone who is leading. And don't even get me started on the ones who feel the need to shake their booties while they lead singing.

I understand the desire for contemporary forms of music as a tool of worship. After all, Bach was at one time, contemporary to his day. But that does not mean the worship music is simply contemporary music played in a church building. It is meant to direct people to the worship of the God of the universe. I even find myself cringing a little when I hear someone say, "Good job, worship team." Is that what it is about?

I realize this is a rant, and I am trying to avoid being a ranting person. I need to be reverent and respectful. I hope this didn't come off as disrespectful. If a worship team member wants to have a private moment of worship, then he or she should wait until he's in the congregation, and then by all means, close your eyes.

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I would go further...Sunday worship is entirely corporate no matter your location in the sanctuary!

October 4, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHeather Okrafka

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