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Daily Readings - John 6:22-27

J.C. Ryle - Daily Readings
John 6:22-27

Do not work for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. (Matt 6:27)

How are we to labour? There is but one answer. We must labour in the use of appointed means. We must read our Bibles like men digging for hidden treasure. We must wrestly earnestly in prayer like men contending with a deadly enemy for life. We must take our whole heart to the house of God and worship and hear like those who listen to the reading of a will. We must fight daily against sin, the w orld, and the devil like those who fight for liberty and must conquer or be slaves.

Labour like this is no doubt very uncommon. In carrying it on we shall have little encouragement from man and shall often be told that we are 'extreme' and go too far. Strange and absurd as it is, the natural man is always fancying that we may take too much thought about religion and refusing to see that we are far more likely to take too much thought about the world. But whatever man might say, the soul will never get spiritual food without labour. We must 'strive,' we must 'run,' we must 'fight,' we must throw our whole heart into our soul's affairs. 

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