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Not chicken nuggets . . . 

. . . but theology nuggets.

I love the little nuggets in my theology textbook (in passing, at 1100 pages, when I finish it next month, does it count as three books?).

From this morning's reading on the role of the church:

Worship and praise and the exaltation of God, was a common Old Testament practice, as can be seen particularly in the book of Psalms. And in the pictures of heaven in the book of Revelation and elsewhere, the people of God are represented as recognizing and declaring his greatness. In this aspect of its activity, the church centers its attention on who and what God is, not on itself. It aims at appropriately expressing God's nature, not at satisfying its own feelings.

My prof has a particular pet peeve (which I share) with bad worship lyrics, and as we discuss the topic of the church later this week, I wonder if it will pop up again.

Only when we give up our own will, self-seeking, and pride, do peace, joy, and satisfaction emerge. The same point can be made regarding the matter of self-esteem. Those who seek to build up their self-esteem directly will fail. For genuine self-esteem is a by product of exalting and esteeming God.

And with regard to the church's adaptability:

. . . long-term faithfulness to its calling, rather than short-term relevant to culture, should be the church's goal.

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