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Thankful Thursday

Today will be the last sunny day here for a while. The forecast for tomorrow is a temperate 14°C, but there will be rain. My puppy will be thrilled. He loves to dig and paint the garden doors with muddy paws. 

I am thankful for spring. I love the change in seasons, and as the birds have been returning, I am looking forward to tulips blooming and trees budding.

I am thankful for my middle child's birthday this weekend. Twenty-five. Hard to believe. I'm thankful we'll be meeting for a celebration with the whole family and their "significant others."

I'm thankful for the prospect of my son's wedding. A good friend is making my dress, which means it will fit well. I'm thankful for our future daughter-in-law. She's a gem.

I'm thankful for afternoon snoozes with two dogs who snuggle up with me.

I'm thankful for my theology prof. He has taught me so much this year.

I'm thankful for sudden realizations that God has taught me something significant. I love those moments when I realize that I have not been my usual hard-headed self, and that the Spirit of God has wrought change in my heart.

I'm thankful for today's Ministry Leadership Day at my school. Tim Challies is speaking to us, and I hope to pick up a copy of his Visual Theology.

I'm thankful for audioboooks for the ride to school, and watching the sun rise as I drive through the quiet morning as I drive.

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