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Enter the world of original biblical languages!

Fall registration opened up at my school yesterday. It is so easy to register. We do it all online now.

This fall I am entering the world of the original biblical languages. I will be taking Greek Elements I. I had thee semester of Koine Greek when I was in university, and while I recognize much of the vocabulary, I've forgotten a lot. So, it's back to the beginning I go. I'm excited about it. Technically, for my degree, I don't need the languages. But who knows, perhaps I may move from the MTS to the MDiv, and for that, I will need the languages, three in Greek in and three in Hebrew. Under my current program, if I take all six language credits, I will use up all my electives.

I am thankful for a school which requires biblical languages for its seminary students. A number of years ago, I sat and listened to a young pastor boast about how he didn't need those antiquated biblical languages for pastoral ministry. He is certainly allowed to feel that way. For myself, even being a student who wants to get the most from a technical commentary, I can see the value in the original languages. Plus, it's just a lot of fun! I am not good at math puzzles, but I was good at Greek when I took it. It was like unraveling a puzzle of words. 

For my second course (I would love to do three, but I just don't think I have the time for three) I am torn between Church History I, The Synoptic Gospels, or The Greek Fathers. The Greek Fathers is taught by Michael Haykin, and it will be good, but it's not a required course, whereas the Church History is required and the Synoptic Gospels will fulfill a NT Bible requirement. I need to get those required courses finished.

I'm thankful to have such great choices. I probably sound like a broken record, talking about school, and how thankful I am for it. But I really am. I am really enjoying this season of my life. Many of my friends are becoming grandmothers at this phase of life. I am not there yet, but maybe I'm becoming a theologian?

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