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Bring back the status report!

Some of my blogging friends and I used to share status reports. That has fallen by the wayside for the most part, but I'm going to resurrect it today. This is part of the ordinary life we all love.

Sitting: at my desk, looking out a grey morning. April showers are bringing in May flowers.

Finished: my tea. Yorkshire Gold, my favourite.

Awake: despite having risen at 5:00 a.m. My puppy was quite indignant that I ignored his barking which began at 4:30, but I made him wait.

Satisfied: that I got up at 5:00 a.m., because I have got a lot done already.

Perplexed: at an article I read called "Purgatory for Everyone," by Jerry Walls, who is a Protestant who supports purgatory. It is for my theology class. We have to summarize and evaluate the article. I would love to submit only a brief comment: this guy is wacky. Don't think my prof wants that. I don't know why Walls just doesn't become a Catholic.

Anticipating: a few things. My 30th wedding anniversary is on April 18. Tomorrow, in celebration, we're going to a hockey game in Buffalo to see my Montreal Canadiens. Now that they've clinched their playoff spot, I can relax. At the end of April, we're going to see my parents in Saskatchewan for my dad's 80th birthday. I can't wait to see the big sky.

Nostalgic: for homeschooling. I babysat three homeschooled kids yesterday. It was a blast. I really enjoyed helping them with their work and then playing together. I really love tutoring kids one-on-one.

Still convinced: that homeschooling is a great education choice for those want to and are able to do so.

Hoping: I can get a lot of work done in the next day and a half. I have an assignment due, and I'm bogged down with reserach for my term paper, and while I'm so excited for the hockey game, I have to make sure it doesn't encroach too much on my workload.

Looking ahead: to spring! As I type, I see a Robin perched on my garage roof. They have been plentiful this week. Spring is coming!

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