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Daily Readings - John 12:27-33

J.C. Ryle - Daily Readings 
John 12:27-33

Now my soul has become troubled (John 12:27a)

Nothing can ever explain our Lord's trouble of soul, both here in an in Gethsemane, except the old doctrine that he felt the burden of man's sin pressing him down. It was the mighty weight of a world's guilt imputed to him and meeting on his head which made him groan and agonize and cry, 'Now is my soul troubled.' Forever let us cling to that doctrine, not only as untying the knot of the passage before us, but as the only ground of solid comfort for the heart of a Christian. That our sins have been really laid on our divine Substitute and born by him, and that his righteousness is really imputed to us and account ours -- this is the real warrant for Christian peace. And if any man asks how we know that our sins were laid on Christ, we bid him read such passages as that which is before us and explain them on any other principle if he can. Christ has borne our sons, carried our sins, groaned under the burden of our sins, been 'troubled' in soul by the weight of our sins and really taken away our sins. This, we may rest assured, is sound doctrine; this is scriptural theology.

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