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150 Years

Happy Canada Day!

I tried to find a good quiz about Canadian history, but the ones I looked at contained either things which were too obscure even for Canadians or trivial things that simply perpetuate stereotypes of Canada. So, in light of Canada's 150th birthday, I compiled some links I thought were interesting.

Events Leading to Confederation. This timeline includes the American Civil War as an influencing factor, which it was, but it left out the Fenian Raids, which was also influential.

Confederation Timeline: This doesn't show much leading up to the event, but goes beyond 1867 to show when the rest of Canada joined. 

Confederation Overview: This is probably the best link I found. I has great photographs.

Significant Events in Canadian History. The title says it all.

And for fun:

Thirty-five Things Canadians Say That Americans Don't Understand. And just to remind Canadians that regional dialects live within Canada, here are 7 Strange Newfoundland Phrases.

Eight Medical Breakthroughs Canadians Should Be Proud Of

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