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. . . there's only you and me, and we just disagree

I love the oldies station. The older I get, the more I like it. I guess I'm officially old and out of touch. I was in the car this morning and I heard that old song by Dave Mason, "We Just Disagree." Of course, it's a love song, so it didn't entirely fit my situation, but after having had a disagreement with someone over the weekend, it seemed appropos.

I don't like disagreeing. I don't like conflict. Sometimes, the affects of a disagreement can linger between people, never really leaving the relationship. Disagreeing with grace is hard, especially when we disagree with people we consider friends.

There is a woman with whom I've been friends now for quite a few years, and we have very different perspectives on things. We are both Christians, mothers, and ordinary theologians, but we have different views on some matters. At times, they have been significant; to the point where, on one occasions we were estranged for a short time. All the time we were in this awkward position, I missed her. I didn't want to lose her as a friend, so I sought to reconcile with her. She, being the gracious, humble woman she is, agreed.

Old disagreements have been forgotten between us. There are still significant differences in how we look at things, but hers and my friendship is one of those where I see the reality of being united in Christ. That is ultimately what we are united by. Perhaps practicalities are viewed differently, but the essence of who we are in Christ is the same, and I believe that is why we are still friends. It is on that basis we can extend love and grace to one another.

I will confess to having trust issues when it comes to friendships, and I often wonder if I should just stick to my husband, kids, and dogs. But the grace my friend has shown toward me, and the fact that we can be truly united in Christ despite our differences gives me hope. Ultimately, I'm thankful we had that disagreement, because I was able to see the beauty of reconciliation.

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