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Daily Readings - John 13:12-17

J.C. Ryle, Daily Readings 
John 13:12-17

For I gave you an example that you should also do as I did to you. (John 13:15)

There seems little doubt that our Lord's all-seeing eye saw a rising unwillingness in the minds of the apostles to do such menial things as they had just seen him do. Puffed up with their old Jewish expectation of thrones and kingdoms in this world, secretly self-satisfied with their own position as our Lord's friends, these poor Galileans were startled at the idea of washing people's feet! They could not bring themselves to believe that Messiah's service entailed work like this.

The lesson is one of which we all need to be reminded. We are all too apt to dislike any work which seems to entail trouble, self-denial and going down to our inferiors. We are only too ready to depute such work to others and to excuse ourselves by saying, 'It is not in our way.' When feelings of this kind arise within us we shall find it good to remember our Lord's words in this passage, no less than our Lord's example. We ought never to think it beneath us to show kindness to the lowest of men. We ought never to hold our hand because the objects of our kindness are ungrateful or unworthy. Such was the mind of him who washed the feet of Judas Isacariot as well as Peter. He who in these matters cannot stopp to follow Christ's example gives little evidence of possessing true love or true humility.

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