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Daily Readings - John 14:1-6

J.C. Ryle - Daily Readings
John 14:1-6

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. (John 14:6)

Christ is 'the way' -- the way to heaven and peace with God. He is not only the guide and teacher and lawgiver, like Moses; he is himself the door, the ladder, and the road through whom we must draw near to God.

Christ is 'the truth' -- the whole substance of true religion which the mind of man requires. Christ is the whole truth and meets and satisfies every desire of the human mind. 

Christ is 'the life' -- the sinner's title to eternal life and pardon, the believer's root of spiritual life and holiness, the surety of the Christian's resurrection life. He that believeth on Christ hath everlasting life. The root of all life, for soul and for body, is Christ.

Forever let us grasp and hold fast these truths. To see Christ daily as the way, to believe Christ daily as he truth, to live on Christ daily as the life -- this is to be a well-informed, a thoroughly furnished, and an established Christian.

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