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Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?

Based on Psalm 2. You may be familiar with the tune from Charles Wesley's "Jesus, Lover of My Soul."

From The Book of Psalms for Worship

Why do Gentile nations rage,
And their useless plots design?
Kings of earth in schemes engage,
Rulers are in league combine.
They speak out against the Lord;
His Messiah they defy:
"Let us break their chans and chords,
Let us cast them off," they cry.

He who sits in heavens laughs,
For the Lord views them with scorn.
H will speak to them in wrath,
And in anger He will warn:
"Yet according to My will,
I have set my King to regin;
and on Zion's holy hill,
My Anointed will remain."

"I the Lord's decree make known;
This is what he had to say:
He declared 'You are my Son;
I have brought you forth this day.
Ask of Me and You'll I'll make
Heir to earth and nations all.
Them with iron rod You'll break
Smashing them in pieces small.'"

Therefore kings now heed this word:
Earthly judges come and hear.
Honor Him, His wrath to turn,
Les you perish in your stride,
For his anger soon may burn.
Blessed are all who in Him hide. 

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