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Like it was Christmas Eve

I didn't sleep well last night. It was like I was a kid on Christmas Eve. I'm back to school today, and I'm very glad. 

My Greek class will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I'm so glad for an afternoon class, because I live an hour away from the school, and it means when winter comes, roads will be plowed by the time I need to get going. I won't have to leave for class in the dark. That said, I will miss the beauty of the sunrise while I'm driving. 

I've already done the assigned reading for this class. I'll confess: I bought the textbooks in June and once I got the syllabus, I got started. The wonder of technology gives us our syllabi online, which is helpful. I've already done most of the first assignment, and the first quiz is on September 21st. I bought an app for my iPad which does vocabulary quizzing, and it links to the popular Greek grammars, including the one we'll be using, Bill Mounce's. It will be very helpful once the volume of vocabulary begins to grow. There are thirteen students in the class, and thankfully, I am not the only woman. A bonus is we already know each other. 

My Church History class is what they call "multi-modal." It is a combination of in class and online delivery. We meet one Friday this month from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm (yes, seven hours) and then again later in the semester for the same time period. It's a long day, but probably longer for the prof who has to do a lot of talking. In between those two sessions, we have online lectures and discussion. I've already chosen my topic for my term paper, the development of purgatory in the middle ages. I could have chosen the topic of the influence of women in the medieval era, but honestly, it's kind of a steretotype: a woman studying women. I wanted to focus on the history of doctrines rather than women.

Right now, for history, I'm working on a book review which is due later in October. We have to choose between two primary source documents, Augustine's Confessions and City of God. This was very providential. I took a class on Augustine last year and I have the books already. I really wanted to focus on City of God, but there is no way I can get through that and write a review by October. So, I plow into Confessions again, and that is enjoyable. 

In the wake of all of the internet drama surrounding The Statement Which Shalll Not Be Named, this course load is good. I have a good reason to ignore the noise. I really have to extraneous information if I want to do well. Over the summer, I've consciously made an effort to limit social media, and it really is true that the more one stays away from it, the more she finds her interest fading when she does check in.

I'm really excited about school, and I hope it stays that way. It could be that a couple of months from now when I'm overloaded, I may ask myself "Why are you doing this?" But for now, I'm eager to get going.

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Enjoy your first day and the entire class!

September 7, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterPersis

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