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Conviction, attitude, and strategy

I had my first Greek class yesterday. It was a full class. I felt bad for the guy who came last and had to find a seat. This is why one shows up early: a good seat. I prefer the back, in a corner preferably.

The lecture focused on the content of the syllabus and some introductory words about the value of studying Greek. I really like the prof, because he said something I hoped he would say: studying Greek is more than just an academic exercise; it wil help us devotionally. It will help us become better teachers (and for some, preachers), but it will also affect us on a personal, devotional level. One of the books we will be using is Zondervan's Devotions on the Greek New Testament.

There were three things he emphasized that will help us: conviction, attitude, and strategy. The conviction we must have is that we are going to learn. We need to see this as a valuable pursuit. Secondly, we must have a proper attitiude, an attitude of worship. Worship is holistic; we worship with our heads, hands, and heart. Worshiping God with our minds involves learning. If someone is given the ability to use his mind, he ought to use it for God. And thirdly, the strategy we employ is to review frequently. I liked his comment about avoding the "binge" approach. Language learning doesn't work well with the binge approach. It may work for getting through a course which, ultimately, we will never use again, but a language requires constant review.

Something which made me really pleased was what he shared about Logos software. I've got a very basic, bare bones version of Logos 7, which was available for free. I have purchased a couple of things and I've taken advantage of the free book of the month, but I don't have anything beyond the basics. It was my intention to purchase something this year. I learned that in the third installment of Greek, which is Greek Exegesis, a Logos Bronze package is a required resource. So, the students who take Greek Exegesis have that added to their tuition payment and then are given the software; and it's half price. It's still not cheap, but half price is a very good deal. Lord willing, I hope to take Greek Exegesis in September 2018; that is when I'll make my purchase of a package which contains many of the resources that help a student stay reading Greek.

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