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Blog? What's a blog?

This was such a good week. I started back to school on Tuesday, and after hearing what lies ahead, I was excited. And determined. Our prof told us that stastistically, most students experience a drop in their grade in the second half of Greek. The content is harder and there is just much more to learn. It's unlikely that I will improve my mark, and I'm good with that. I just want to either maintain or keep the drop small. And above all, I want to understand the material. I want to be successful at readng the New Testament, and grow in my understanding. On the ride home, I took a moment to think seriously about how I'm using my down time. I always find myself looking at how I use my time online.

I barely thought about blogs this week because there were other things to think about. I kept my social media time limited, and that's a start in the right direction. And the thought of listening to podcasts just isn't on my radar at the moment. It's always surprising how our intention to spend "just a few minutes" peeking at things online becomes thirty minutes. I think I fell prey to that last semester. My intentions were good, but I can improve on that. I only read about five or six blogs regularly, and one of them is Daily Dose of Greek. That seems to be enough. It's those blogs with "good stuff I read online this week" that can be the killer, because all of a sudden I find myself spending time on an article that looked good, but when I got into it, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The world won't end if I don't read a lot of blogs this semester, and it definitely won't end if I don't write much. Who cares what I think, anyway? I will stay committed to writing at Out of the Ordinary, but I'm afraid that this blog will likely feature only Sunday hymn posts.

Now, good hymns are always words worth reading.

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