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Rock of Ages (When the Day Seems Long)

Rock of Ages, when the day seems long,
From this labor and this heartache, I have come; 
The skies will wear out, but you remain the same, 
Rock of Ages, I praise your name.

Rock of Ages, you have brought me near; 
You have poured out your life-blood, your love, your tears, 
To make this stone heart come alive again; 
Rock of Ages, forgive my sin.


Rock of ages. Rock of ages; 
Bind your children until the kingdom comes; 
Rock of ages your will be done.

Rock of Ages, when in want or rest, 
My desperate need for such a Savior I confess; 
Pull these idols out from my heart embrace; 
Rock of Ages, I need your grace.

Rock of ages, broken, scorned for me,
Who am I that you would make me free?
To give me glory you took the death and pain,
Rock of Ages, my offering.

Rock of Ages, "It is done!" you cried. 
The curtain's torn and I see justice satisfied; 
Now write your mercy, on my heart and hands; 
Rock of ages, in faith I stand.

Rock of Ages, my great hope secure. 
Your promise holds just like an anchor to my soul; 
Bind your children with cords of love and grace. 
Rock of Ages, we give you praise.

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