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Have a little humility, please

There are many things I look back on as a young parent which make me cringe. About 80% of the things I have said on Facebook or on my blog, I cringe at. I want to tell myself to get off my high horse and be quiet. The fact that I am a nobody is helpful:  I don't have a host of people listening to me act like a fool. Sometimes, I think having too public a persona makes us think we are immune to spectacular foul ups, so that we miss out on those moments when we say, "Wow, I was wrong." Such moments are good for us.

When I was parenting my children, all I wanted was to raise them for God's glory to the best of my ability. We go into every parenting situation blind: all kids are different; each child is born in a particular family dynamic; often, what works for one doesn't for the other. I made many mistakes. I know it, and I admit it. And I was a homeschool mom who was drawn into the whole courtship thing. I look back now and wonder what I was thinking. If my leaning toward that movement makes me stupid, well, what can I say? "Stupid is as stupid does." If you are not stupid, give thanks to God.

What bothers me are the voices who say proudly, "Well, I never made that mistake." Well, isn't that nice? I'm happy for you. If that's your experience, then thank God for giving you the discernment. If we say that we owe God everything, but take pride in our own powers of reasoning, I think we may be missing something.

If we believe God is sovereign, we believe he is sovereign in the times when we make mistakes, not just in our victories. And we all make mistakes; as spouses and parents. Some parents who have never had a moment's worry with a child may one day have a 30 or 35 year old child come to them and say: "Hey, mom and dad, I think you really dropped the ball here." How will we react to that? 

If you are able to get from birth to death without ever making a parenting mistake, again, praise God. If you were fortunate enough to be perfect, give him the glory, not yourself. Because if you really believe in God's sovereignty, you will be grateful, not proud.

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