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Random quickie musings

I have an all day class today; Church History. We're going to be talking about the Englightenment and the Church and 19th Century Liberalism. I'm looking forward to it. It's a long day, but it's interesting. 

Why have Christians gone ga-ga over Jordan Peterson? There are those who are musing over that question, which inspired another question: why?

I have to laugh when I see people say they are "researching" something, and all of their research involves reading nothing but blogs and websites. Then they "present" their research in lengthy tweet threads. When I see tweet threads, I say in my head: "Don't be lazy; write a blog post." But since blogs seems to be a dying breed, perhaps this is the only way we can get on our soapboxes anymore. 

Greek participles are a wonder and a conundrum. They really direct the reader to the temporal aspect of sentences, and describing the means and motives of things, but they are not easy to translate at first. I'm not as automatic as I would like at knowing how to do that. I am perplexed, as well, when I hear the word prounounced "parTICiple." Clearly, those guilty of that pronounciation are anticipating the word "participate." Stress goes on the first syllable. Here is proof.

Last week, I went to Ministry Leadership Day, and heard excellent teaching on the subject. Dr. Thomson talked about worship and music. One of the things he said is something I've been thinking about a lot: "Sometimes, we see music as the mediator between God and man." He also talked about the tendency to turn lights down before congregational singing. I am so thankful my church doesn't do that . . . yet. Hopefully, I won't see that.

Little acts of kindness are so nice. On Thursday, at school, I was waiting to meet with another student, working on my Greek, when one of the profs noticed me sitting there. She was on her way to the seminary lunch. When I told her I wouldn't be going to that, but was meeting someone, she asked if I would like her to bring me a bowl of soup. It is not the first act of kindness she has shown me.

Speaking of acts of kindness: whenever I'm leaving the academic building to go home from school, if there s a young man ahead of me, he always holds the door for me. 

Next weekend, my daughter is coming home so we can go together to visit a possible venue for her wedding. She is finding out how expensive these things are. I don't plan on photographing the visit and posting pictures on Instagram. Does that mean it won't really have happened?

Breakfeast awaits, and so does this day.

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Love the topic for your class today! I think it is so cool you are in seminary. :)

March 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterPersis

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