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The weirdest nerd I know

It's my husband's birthday today. I feel kind of bad for him, though, because he is very busy at work, and when that happens, he ends up feeling tired and stressed out. Who wants that on his birthday? 

When my husband was in high school, had I met him, I would have not taken the slightest notice. He was a skinny nerd with braces and glasses. I am not using disparaging language here. I am only repeating what he would tell you himself. I, on the other hand, was a shallow, silly girl, and probably would have not given him the time of day. Thankfully, when I met him at the age of 20, I was over that. Now, I'm a firm lover of nerds. Girls, when you're looking out for a great guy, look for the nerds. They may have been bullied by the jocks, but chances are they didn't peak in high school.

I don't claim to understand how my husband thinks. And that's okay, because I'm certain he doesn't understand me. But I know him very well. Case in point: he is a hoarder. Our garage is full of things that he refuses to throw away because "we may need it some day." My greatest fear of the unwelcome possibility of his premature death (aside from the whole grief thing) is that I will be stuck with cleaning out that garage.

Recently, I had an accident (borne of my own stupidity) with a cooking dish. Apparently, the cast iron skillet can go in the oven, but the glass lid could not. While our tasty meal was cooking, I heard a strange popping sound. I kind of knew what had happened. Yes, the lid shattered in the oven. It remained intact, but it was cracked in a million places. Of course the lid was ruined, but the cast iron handle was still good. My husband cleaned the glass from the sink where we'd placed the hot lid, and he had it all bagged up and ready to take to the garage when I said; "Don't keep that handle. We will never use it." He just grinned at me and pointed to the counter where he had cleaned off the glass from the handle. "Give it to me; I'll put it in the garage." Yes, I know him well. We have been married for thirty years; we'd better know each other well.

I'm thankful for my weird nerdy husband. And I have no regrets in letting him hang a huge Dr. Who picture in our family room. Weird is good. And along with his weirdness comes consistency, integrity, wit, and loyalty. I love the dynamic which exists between us, what he calls "mutual mockery." It isn't for everyone, and maybe people think we're not romantic or mushy enough. Maybe that's true. But on March 5, 1964, God brought into the world the man who was perfect for me.

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