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Down to the wire. And books!

I have four things left on my school checklist: 

  1. Write my Greek Vocabulary test today.
  2. Complete and submit my term paper by Saturday.
  3. Finish reading and writing log entries for four chapters of my Church History textbook by Sunday.
  4. Study and write my Greek II final.

Whew! I think I'l be ready to be done. On the upside, I'm inserting a "fun day" on Tuesday. I'll be taking time out to go dress shopping with a friend. I'm going to a wedding this month, and I'm treating myself to a new outfit.

Today, prior to my test, I'm going to the last Seminary chapel. Dr. Fowler, who is retiring from full time teaching this spring, is speaking. He has had a great impact on me. He will continue teaching as an adjunct, and I'm praying that he'll be teaching Theology of Church and Ministry when I'm ready to take it.

I'm thinking ahead to reading. These are in no particular order, except that I do plan on starting with Paul Tripp.

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, Paul Tripp

Redemption, Accomplished and Applied, John Murray

Paul and Gender, Cynthia Westfall

Expressing Theology, Jonathon Roach and Gricel Dominguez

Linguistics and Biblical Exegesis, Ed. Douglas Magnum and Josh Westbury

The Good Portion - God, Rebecca Stark

Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek, Constantine R. Campbell

The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkein

Mary Queen of Scots, Antonia Fraser

Over the summer, I'm going to try something new: I'm going to avoid reading more than one non-fiction book at a time. Instead, I'll read a fiction or biography along with whatever non-fiction book I'm reading. I am trying to learn to read more productively, and I thought I'd approach it differently over the summer. 

The weather man is calling for 14° Celsius today, and rain. Is spring finally here?

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