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Adventures in Studying

If I thought last week was hectic, this one will be even more so. My Greek final is on Thursday, and thus far, my attempts to really study hard have been thwarted. One reason is my own fault. I have got behind in my Church History reading. I have to submit logs of what I read this semester from the textbook. These readings are not short and not all are equally engaging. German liberalism is mind numbingly boring. I still have two full chapters to read and finish logging by the end of today. I have studied a little for Greek, mostly reviewing verb paradigms. 

We were hit with a very nasty ice storm over the weekend. Thousands in southern Ontario are without power this morning, and there is a risk of flooding now that the ice has stopped. Thankfully, we did not get hit as hard as others. I'm praying we will have power maintained until I get my logs submitted.

The stench in my house, which we thought was the decaying remains of a mouse in the vent has turned out to have another source, courtesy of one of my Beagles. Instead of a rotting corpse, we discovered dog vomit in the folds of the top of our couch. Our dogs love to lay along the top and look out the window. Clearly one of them upchucked while enjoying the couch. I suspect it was my younger dog, Bear, who is not fussy about what he eats, whether it is another dog's waste products (Beagles are famous for it) or leaves and twigs. Thankfully, now that we've cleaned it out, it smells better. The combination of a honey citrus candle and the stinky aroma just about did me in last Friday.

There is now the sound of something alive in my vent. Our furnace is vented on the south side of our house, above the basement window. I suspect something has crawled in to avoid the nasty weather. I think it is probably a chipmunk or something larger than a mouse because of the way it is thrashing about. When the furnace is on, he is quiet. If he is alive when my husband gets home tonight, we'll try to flush him out. In the meantime, as I study, I'm distracted with the critter. I just hope it isn't a bat.

I've been up since 5:00, so now it's time to break from studying and have breakfast.

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