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Don't think of Herod before bed

I had my first class in Synoptic Gospels last night. I'm really excited about the semester. We have to do a group project and when I heard that, I inwardly cringed. The class is large, and the thought of having to find someone to get together with generally brings back memories of high school rejection. Thankfully, a classmate whom I already know suggested we pair up and add another to form our threesome. And it's not an all-women group. That was my initial angst: having to introduce myself to people. I don't know any of the other women in the class. So, I and two classmates I know already will work together. God is good.

I haven't had a night class since my undergraduate days. Evening is not always the most productive time for me, but I really wanted to take this class. I have an hour drive, so by the time I got home, it was almost 10:30. My husband was away on business, so I arrived home to two excited dogs. The He Beagle generally greets me by barking without taking breath for about 90 seconds. Every time I come home. No matter how long I've been gone. Both proceeded to run around with abandon at my arrival. After an evening full of information, followed by a drive home and ending with hyper Beagles, I was not ready to sleep. This is problematic, because I'm usually in bed by 10:30. Oh yes, I live an exciting life.

My sleep felt interrupted, I had strange dreams. In class we had talked about the Babylonians, Cyrus, Hellenization, Herod, the destruction of the Temple, and the Roman Empire. My prof read a passage about the social conditions in the Roman Empire; the lack of sanitation, the disease, the fact that most people were abjectly poor beyond our ability to imagine. So my dreams were a combination of that and the episode of Grey's Anatomy I watched before bed in the hopes that my mind would slow down. And the He Beagle was not aware that I was still tired when he began his whimpering at 5:17 this morning. Thankfully, he quieted down until the prescribed wake up time of 6:00 a.m., but I didn't really get back to sleep. I foresee a nap this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning, I have Greek Exegesis. We have our first quiz. Today will be vocabulary review time and verb form review time. I am thankful that I have that class first thing in the morning when my mind is well-rested. I wonder if I had Greek at night if I would dream in Greek.

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