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My Favourite Bible

Next weekend, I am moving my desk, bookshelves, and study paraphanelia upstiars to my freshly re-decorated study. I bought lovely blinds, and the light is soft and warm, inviting. We're just waiting for my sons and future son-in-law to help my husband. My desk is very solid wood, and heavy. My dad gave it to me. I've been using it since I was 17 years old; I'm attached.

As I look at my shelves beside my desk, with the books shelved both vertically and horizontally, I know that a purge is going to be in the future. I'm planning a trip to the Christian Salvage Mission. And in that box, there will be some Bibles.

Over the years, we've been to conferences where we get free books, including Bibles. Some of them, we simply don't need. Also over the years, I've bought smaller Bibles which are easier to carry. My 53 year old, bifocal needing eyes don't benefit from them anymore. And some Bibles I bought because Crossway or whoever was advertising a new and wonderful format of Bible that would revolutionize my Bible reading. I have Bible translations on the entire spectrum. Someone gave me a copy of The Message (which I don't read) and I have translations like the NRSV and the NASB.

One of my recent purchases was the ESV Scripture Journals. They are inexpensive and useful if you like writing in the margins and taking notes. The paper is quite thick, so you don't have to worry about bleed through. I have a Cambridge Wide Margin NASB which I purchased a few years ago, thinking it would be great for school. I don't really like it much. I realized after opening up the shrink wrap that it is a red letter edition, and I do not like red lettering. And the paper is quite thin so that my favourite Micron pens bleed through. I'm using the ESV Scripture Journals for my Synoptic Gospels class, and the wide margin Bible, which I pulled out, is sitting rather unused on my desk, taking up space.

I tried a note taking ESV Bible when they first came out, but the lines along the margin were too small even before I was a 53 year old woman with bifocals. I bought an ESV Study Bible when they came out; yes, it is big enough to use as a door stop. I seldom take it anywhere, instead using it at home. I'll keep that one because the articles and outlines are helpful. I bought a Gospel Transformation Bible when it was marketed. I have no idea why other than I wanted the notes. But there comes a time when all the bells and whistles don't necessarily mean I'm getting more out of my Bible reading.

I love the site Evangelical Bible. The Bibles they sell are beautiful. They are Bible luxury. I was given gift money one year, and I decided to buy something. I did not splurge and buy another Schuyler Bible (that is another story altogether; a sad one, involving an expensive Bible, a water bottle, and an hour car ride). Instead, I decided to go for something more compact. I bought the Cambridge Clarion NASB Reference Bible. It is my favourite Bible.

It is a great size: 7.5 in. by 5.6 in. by 1.7 in. It's 9 point type, just a little bigger than Cambridge's wide margin Bible. It is black letter, with two ribbons, single column, and with references in the margin. The Old Testament passages which are quoted in the NT are referenced in the margin, and appear in all capitals. It makes it easy to cross-reference. The paper is quite good, too. I wouldn't try anything more than a .01 Micron pen, but it does hold up well to soft coloured pencils. There is a limited concordance, but nothing special. Best of all, the binding is excellent, and it opens up flat right out of the box. I love this Bible. Some people don't like the NASB, but I do. I use it side by side with my ESV. 

I think I'm done buying Bibles. I have Logos software now, and any other versions I can get from there. I got quite a few with the standard package, and if I want anything else, I'll just buy it for Logos. The only thing I would buy in paper is a side by side Koine Greek/New American Standard edition. There is an ESV/Greek hardcover version, but I'd rather wait for the NASB. 

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