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When you know you're in the right place

I had my first class yesterday. On Thursday mornings, I have Greek Exegesis. My prof said a very true thing: our class is like a mini cohort. We all began together a year ago with Baby Greek, and yesterday, there we were, hopefully a little wiser than last year. We have a lot of fun together. Yesterday, one of the college students played a song he wrote in honour of taking biblical Greek. I wish I'd recorded it. It was funny.

One of us was missing. A beautiful, funny, energetic young woman who was the third female in the class died in a car accident in August. Her absence was noticeable as we began. I'm thankful for a prof who prays so sensitively at the beginning of every class.

It was great to re-connect with other students. I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest person in the room. Despite the difference in age and circumstance, I enjoy having conversations about the content of the course and hearing about their lives and what they're doing. One of the young guys and I, when we first arrived, talked about our experience doing the summer maintenance project, which was translating Philippians. I love talking about what we're learning and getting someone else's perspective. I was also thankful to have my seat companion back: the other woman in the class. I enjoy talking to her and getting to know her more. I am glad we sit beside each other. 

It's a good feeling to sit in a room and think, "This is where I am supposed to be." More often than not, I will wonder "What am I doing in here?" But school is the one thing I know I can do. I may not always do it well, but I know how to go about it. I know it requires discipline and effort. I know it involves sacrificing something else in order to get the work done. I know I'm going to have a lot of frustrating moments over the next number of weeks. But I love it, anyway, because I don't feel like a freak of nature when I'm in school. Other women may look at me like I have three heads when I say I'm taking Greek Exegesis, but no one in my class does . . . I think.

On Tuesday, my class is Synoptic Gospels, and I'm excited about that one, although it, too, looks like I will be very busy. Busy can be good. It's good to feel like I'm accomplishing something that will ultimately be beneficial for me. And as always, it's great to meet other students who know a whole lot more than I do. Knowing that I have much to learn is always a good lesson.

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