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The seminarian's prayer

I worked for a long time on my Apologetics paper. When I found out my mark, I was disappointed. It was a good mark, but not what I had hoped. And it's my own fault. I know I have been distracted. One of my goals for this semester was to be less distracted, especially by social media and blogs. Every time I verbalize a goal, something comes along to interfere. This is why I don't make New Year's resolutions. As soon as I make it "official," something happens to distract me.

I look forward to my professor's comments on my paper. I handed another in yesterday, and I have decided that if I don't get what I hope, it will be my own fault, because even as I was immersed with that topic, I was distracted.

I was guilty of letting people online "live in my head rent-free" as my husband likes to say.

Part of being a mother is being able to focus on multiple concerns: the schedules of children, ourselves, our jobs, or whatever. But as the truth ultimately bears out, no one is really great at multi-tasking. Something always gets less attention than something else.

The past week or so, I have allowed myself to be discouraged by social media. I have allowed myself to be drawn into discussion, which makes me churn. I can only attribute this to my own pride; wanting to get my .02 cents in there. When will I learn?

When we keep company with the censorious and critical, it eats away at our creative energy. At least, it does for me. Beginning today with Kingdom Through Covenant, I'm starting research for a paper on Genesis 15. Lord, please keep me from being sucked in to anything that would distract me, discourage me, or leech away at my creative energy.

I guess you could call that the seminarian's prayer.

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