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Mind, body, and soul all need to be healthy

In the last three weeks, I have been more faithful to my exercise program than I have in years. End result: more energy!

When I am in school, I sit. A lot. I noticed frequently last semester coming home from school that when I got out of my car, my hips were tight and and my lower back sore. I determined that when school was out, I would get into a good habit with my fitness. It can take a while to get into a regular pattern. Much easier to develop bad habits. Next month, I'm hoping to re-vamp our eating habits to contribute to feeling better overal. I was inspired by my 94 year old next door neighbour.

Wally has never slowed down. As early as five years ago, he used to get his snowblower out when it necessary and do not only his driveway, but mine. Having lived next door to him for 14 years, I knew that he was just the type of man who didn't quit. It's only been in the last three years that he has stopped walking his dog and hired someone to do his lawn and driveway. Well, actually, his son arranged for those things. I suspect it was not his choice.

Wally was in the hospital in April. The woman who walks his dog was concerned about him and contacted his family. Ultimately, he had a mild heart attack. I wondered if I'd ever see him again, and assumed he wouldn't be returning. He's home now. His son is staying with him as they ponder long-term solutions, but he's home. And he finally quite smoking. His son told me that when they did some lung function tests, his father had better lung power than he did himself. I think his son is about 65. I don't necessarily want to be on my own at 94, but when I'm 65, I don't want to be on my way to being housebound. If I should have grandchildren some day, I want to be an active grandmother.

Being in school and a lover of reading means that I often pay too much attention to the life of my mind than my body. And it's also easy when you're in seminary to pay less attention to your spiritual life because you're so wrapped up iin the academic part. I'm determined to be a more balanced person. I want to feel good physically mentally, and spiritually.

I see a lot of older women trying to stay fit so they can look young. That is not my goal. I just want to feel strong. I don't want to be winded when I go up the stairs with my laundry basket, or feel like I can't get on the floor to play with my dog (or a grandchild in the future). 

Part of my lack of blogging and social media decrease is helping me in that regard. And with that, I'd better get busy.

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