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The reality behind "opposites attract."

There is a saying that "opposites attract." I don't necessarily believe that. When it comes to meeting someone with whom we will spend our lives, true opposites likely don't come together. While there may be some different personality traits, at their core, there is something foundational which binds them. I could never have married someone who didn't believe in God. It was too important to me. It was what drew me to my husband. 

In many ways, my husband and I are very unlike. He is scattered and forgetful; I am scheduled and organized. He doesn't not speak, but rather things first; I speak before I should. He is spontaneous; I like to have my ducks in a row. He likes science fiction shows; I run the other way when they're on the television. But are we opposites? No. Instead, what drew us to one another was the reality that the other brought something to the relationship we needed, but lacked ourselves. Even in friendships, we are often drawn to others who have what we lack ourselves.

I read this today in Bavinck's Dogmatics, Volume 2:

The pinnacle of beauty, the beauty toward which all creatures point, is god. he is supreme being, supreme truth, supreme goodness, and also the apex of unchanging beauty. "Who is is that made these changeale things beautiful if not the unchangeably beautiful One?" God is the highest beauty, because in his being is absolulte oneness, measure, and order. He is lacking in nothing, nor is there anything superfluous in him (emphasis mine).

As human beings, created in God's image, just as we are aware of the existence of God, we are aware of our own shortcomings. We are fully aware that we lack. We lack a great deal. If we didn't think we lacked something, the world wouldl not be full of people who are so miserably discontent. There would be no attempts to draw attention to ourselves, to prove ourselves, to show that we are "good enough." It's an aspect of pride. We want to think we are lacking nothing; that we are God. But we do lack much. God doesn't. 

What draws me to God at my lowest points is the reminder that while I lack the strength I need, he lacks nothing. When I lack the will to do something, God lacks nothing and meets me in my need and fulfills what I lack. Just like I'm drawn to my husband because of the way he provides what I lack myself, I am drawn to God daily because of the reality that he lacks nothing. Let's face it: it's scary to realize that we are weak and dependent. It's like a badge of honour to say that we don't need anything or anyone. Deep down, we know we do need. We get sick, we suffer, we can die. Our frailty is all too evident. But God lacks nothing. That truth is a great comfort.

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