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From the archives: the power of George Lucas

Over the weekend, someone came to my blog and found him/herself in the archived posts, at a post entitled "The Apostle Paul Meets George Lucas."  The post was from 2004, when I first began blogging, and it's about my son's writing assignment.  I thought I'd share a snippet from it it today because it made me smile, remembering how much joy and laughter we had during homeschooling years.  My son was twelve years old at the time.  When I told him about this post, it sparked a conversation between him and my younger son about the appropriateness of what he'd done in light of the assignment.

Well, it's official; pop culture has made an impression in this household. A perfect example was the writing assignment Patrick completed yesterday. He's learning how to develop the topic sentence of a paragraph by using details. In order to help with this, I took a passage from the book of I Timothy that discusses the qualifications for being a deacon. He was to take five things from that list and use them as details. His topic sentence was good; it was something along the lines of "There are many important qualifications for being a deacon." One of the qualifications he chose was that a deacon cannot be a new convert. Now, in the original text, the reason a deacon cannot be a new convert is because he could become "conceited." This, according to the New International Version. Patrick's rendering of this item was expressed as: "A deacon may not be a new convert because he could more easily turn to the dark side." I could not keep from laughing, and he's a good sport, so he didn't mind. I began to have visions of the deacons in my church congregating at the front of the sanctuary with their light sabres, all decked out like Obi Wan Kenobi, ready to cut down any who would behave in such a way.

The ensuing argument between my two boys was the fact that Patrick was supposed to use his own words. My younger son protested that "the dark side" were George Lucas's words. The discussion devolved further, touching on language issues to the Ewoks.  This transpired between getting into the car and and opening up the doors of the foyers at our church, so that we were discussion very unspiritual issues as we went into the building.  Once again, it is seen that we a very weird family.