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All bibles are not created equal

Less than a year ago, I decided to invest in a bible with a genuine leather cover. Other than my ESV Study Bible, which is very heavy and doesn't come to church with me, the other bibles in the house were either bonded leather or TruTone. I discovered that the inside covers of bibles, if not made of good material, crack at the bottom and then the whole binding could be shot. I figured I'd pay a little more.

I bought an ESV Single Column Legacy bible from Christian Book Distributors. I bought one with a flaw at a really reduced price. The bible had been stamped with the owner's name, but the embossing was unsatisfactory, so it was returned. When I received it, that piece was removed, but I didn't care. The cover was genuine leather and I put it inside bible cover, anyway. I was very happy with it.

A couple of week ago I noticed that the inside cover at the bottom was cracking, and again, the binding was coming apart, leather cover notwithstanding. I was discouraged by this. I'm already losing the first few pages of the bible.

I had some birthday money and some extra "mad money" in the jar where I hoard the $1 and $2 coins that I get as change or fish out from pockets before laundry time. I decided I would do some research and buy a bible with a better binding.

I was led through the vast twists and turns that I came across through Google, to Evangelical Bible.

Yes, the bibles there are expensive. You can get some really reasonably priced ones, or you can invest quite a bit of money. After reading reviews of their bibles from Bible Design Blog, I took the plunge and purchased one. 

Evangelical Bible carries Allen Bibles, which are excellent bibles from what I've seen. I didn't buy one of those, but with a leather lining, I imagine their durability might make them worth the money. They have a really large selection of KJV bibles. Had I been in the market for that version, I may have got one.

I received my bible earlier this week. It is goatskin, and feels soft and buttery in my hands. The inside cover is not leather, but it is much more durable looking than any other bible I've ever had. The print is 9.5, just a smidge larger than the single column one I put away. I am keeping my single column at my nightstand for night reading, but I am happy with this new bible, because it is lighter and easier for taking to church.

It may seem odd to invest in a bible when everyone seems to take tablets to church. My husband loves his because he can adjust the font size (younger people -- and by that, I mean under 40 -- may not think font size is an issue. All I can say is: just wait). As for me, I like my books in paper, and I will continue to use a regular bible. In the words of Ebeneezer Scrooge, "I cannot change!"

I highly recommend Evangelical Bible if you're interested and willing to spend a little money. Their service was excellent, the book well-packaged, and tracking is available so you can anticipate your purchase. I'm hoping this will be the last bible I buy for myself.