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I liked this

I have long been of the opinion that philosophy is everybody's business - but not in order to get more information about the world, our society, and ourselves. For that purpose, it would be better to turn to the natural and the social sciences and to history. It is in another way that philosophy is useful - to help us to understand things we already know, understand them better than we now understand them. That is why I think everyone should learn how to think philosophically. ~ Mortimer Adler.

I've never felt that I was good at thinking philosopically.  I have thought about things and wondered, but I don't know as if my thought could be considered "philosophical."  I started reading a book by Adler called Aristotle for Everyone.  I guess it could be considered the Aristotle for Dummies.

I like the subtitle to this book: "Difficult Thought Made Easy."  As I have plodded through John Frame's book The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, I have seen that as I wrestle through difficult concepts, I often fail to think through things in the most efficient way.  Never too late to learn better how to think.