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Entries in Calvin's Prayers (52)


Lifting Up Our Hearts - 49

Fly to Thee Every Moment

Grant, Almighty God, 
since Thou hast reconciled us to Thyself
by the precious blood of Thy Son,
that we may not be our own, but devoted to Thee
in perfect obedience, and may consecrate ourselves
entirely to Thee

May we offer our bodies and souls in sacrifice
and be rather prepared to suffer a hundred deaths
than to decline from Thy
true and sincere worship.

Grant us, especially, to exercise ourselves in prayer,
to fly to Thee every moment and commit to ourselves
to Thy fatherly care, that Thy Spirit may govern us
to the end.

Do Thou defend and sustain us, until we are collected
into that heavenly kingdom
Thy only begotten Son
has prepared for us by His blood. Amen. 


Lifting Up Our Hearts - 48

Under the Shadow of Thy Wings

Grant, Almighty God,
that as at this day ungodly men and wholly reprobate
so arrogantly rise up against Thy church,
we may learn to flee to Thee,
and to hide ourselves
under the shadow of Thy wings,
and fully to hope for Thy salvation.

And that however disturbed
the state of things may be,
we may yet never doubt
but that Thou wilt be propitious to us,
since we have so often found Thee
to be our deliverer;
and that we may thus persevere
in confidence of Thy grace and mercy,
and also be roused
by this incentive to pray to Thee,
until, having gone through all our miseries,
we shall at length enjoy that blessed rest
Thou hast promised to us
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 


Lifting Up Our Hearts - 47

Fixed in Our Hearts

Grant, Almighty God,
since our life is only for a moment -- nay,
is only vanity and smoke --
that we may learn to cast all our care upon thee,
and so to depend on Thee as not to doubt Thee
as our deliverer from all urgent perils,
whenever it shall be to our advantage.

Grant us also to learn to neglect and despise our lives,
especially for the testimony of Thy glory;
and may we be well prepared to depart
as soon as Thou callest us
from this world.

May the hope of eternal life
be so fixed in our hearts
that we may willingly leave this world
and aspire with all our mind
toward that blessed eternity
Thou has testified
to be laid up for us in heaven,
through th gospel,
and which Thine only begotten Son
has procured for us through His blood. Amen. 


Lifting Up Our Hearts - 46

Eternal Salvation

Grant, Almighty God,
that as at this day a greater and viler impiety breaks forth
than at any age and Thy sacred truth is treated with derision
by many of Satan's drudges --

O grant that we may nevertheless
constantly persevere in it
and not hesitate to oppose
the fury of all the ungodly,
and relying on the power of the Spirit,
contend with them,
until that truth Thou didst once proclaim
by Thy prophets at length
by Thine only begotten Son,
and which was sealed by His blood,
may attain its full authority,
that as it proves to many
the savor of eternal death,
so may it also be a pedge to us
of eternal salvation,
until we shall be gathered into Thy kingdom
at the coming of the same,
Thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen. 


Lifting Up Our Hearts - 45

Help Will Be Ready

Grant, Almighty God,
that as we are at this day
tossed here and there
by so many troubles,
and almost all things in the world
are in confusion,
so that wherever we turn our eyes,
nothing but thick darkness meets us --

O grant that we may learn to surmount all obstacles
and to raise our eyes by faith above the world,
so that we may acknowledge
that governed by Thy wonderful counsel
is everything that seems to us
to happen by chance,
in order that we may see Thee
and know that help will be ready for us
through Thy mercy
whenever we humbly seek
the pardon of our sins,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.