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A post where I break all the blogging rules

I'm not The Pioneer Woman, nor am I one of the wonderful women at Mennonite Girls Can Cook, but I'm going to blog a recipe I made up this morning. In the old days, sharing a recipe was cool; not so much now. But this was just too tasty to pass up.

I am trying to get more iron in my diet from sources other than red meat. No, I won't explain why. Spinach is one of those sources. I have been told that cooked spinach is superior for nutrients. But how to cook spinach in a tasty way is the question.

A fritatta. In searching out recipes to use kale (another choice I'm working into my diet), I had a flash of a brain wave. To my initial frustration, many of the recipes were too big for just me and my husband. And I am not sure he actually likes cooked spinach. I thought about what was in my kitchen, and improvised. This is a perfect size for two people. I ate half for breakfast, and will save the other half. Here we go.

1 cup tightly packed fresh baby spinach (I think an extra half cup would have been better)
1/4 diced sweet onion
2 slices bacon, diced and browned
4 eggs
1/4 cup cream
salt and pepper
shredded parmesan cheese

Brown the diced bacon. While this is happening, roughly chop the spinach. When the bacon is to your liking, sauteé the onion and spinach in the bacon drippings until the spinach wilts slightly. Transfer to a cast iron frying pan if you have one. I don't know how this would fare in another baking dish, but a glass one, sprayed with non-stick coating might work well. I like my cast iron. It's well seasoned.

Beat the eggs lightly and add the cream to blend. Salt and pepper lightly. Pour the contents over the spinach mixture in the pan. 

Bake at 400 degress for approximately 20 minutes. Depending on the size of your baking pan, this may vary. A thicker mixure will need longer to bake in the centre. 

After it is done and still hot, sprinkle shredded cheese on top. I prefer parmesan, but I think feta would be good, too.

Sorry I don't have those breath-taking step by step pictures that The Pioneer Woman uses. I did take a picture after, because I was just so tickled at how it turned out.

I'm thinking that some halved cherry tomatoes would add to this the next time I make it.