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God's Word as His Meaningful Authority

John Frame, in The Doctrine of the Word of God, discusses the nature of God's word. It has meaning and authority:

God's language is authoritative not only in telling us what to believe and do, but in directing our emotions, our preoccupations, our priorities, our joys and our sorrows. That is to say, God's words are authoritative in all the ways that language can be authoritative, and their authority is ultimate.

In his word, he expresses his wisdom, knowledge, desires, intentions, love, grace. That meaning is authoritative. When God shares his love with us, we have the obligation to treasure it. When he questions us, we should answer. When he expresses his grace, we are obligated to trust it. When he tells us his desires, we should conform our lives to them. When he shares with us his knowledge and intentions, we ought to believe that they are true.

God speaks, man responds.

God's word is something that requires action. If we believe it, the words must direct our conduct. We don't listen to it to develop lofty thoughts, but rather so it will affect the very ordinary day to day aspects of our lives; what we value, what we worship, what we allow to affect our thinking and our affections. It is more than just mining the pages of the Bible for lists of what we can or can't do. It's about letting its authority control us.