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My most popular post

I don't often stop and think about which of my posts are "popular" or not. I'm pretty much a nobody, and I have a modest readership. Occasionally, some nonsense I've written gets a link and my traffic spikes. Inevitably, things become quiet again. 

However, this past week, with Christmas upon us, I think I can say without a doubt that the post that has been the most popular has absolutely nothing to do with doctrine or theology. Rather, it is this one, in which I share the recipe for a most delightful Christmas cookie. In fact, I made my first batch of the season yesterday. 

It's rather ironic. I, the most Un-Martha Stewart-ish person I know, having a frequently read post about a cookie. I think I'm kind of excited the most popular post was not for something "deeper." These days, I find that women are occasionally looked upon as not meeting their full potential as women if they wax eloquent about domesticity. Better to be providing social commentary about this or that. I'm pretty much an ignoramus most of the time, but I do know how to make a pretty tasty cookie. If you don't believe me, ask my kids.

Here is a rather crude picture. As a shutterbug, I ought to be ashamed of myself for using a cellphone picture to demonstrate. There is a more eye-pleasing photo with the link.


In seeing the number of visits that post has had this past week, I am reminded once again of the wonderful thing that is home baking. When I was a child, my mother did a lot of baking, and we loved her for it. There are still things which Mom just makes better. And now, these tasty little items are among the things my children anticipate at Christmas. One of my sons recently insisted that his new girlfriend try my Pumpkin Torte, because it was "the best dessert ever." How's that for appreciation? I'm a service kind of person when it comes to showing love, and being able to serve in this way has been my joy over the years.

I'm grateful that I have been able to do this kind of thing for my children. While I do so love to sit with my nose in a book, or in front of my journal writing, or be out in the park with my camera, I do love these creative pursuits. There is such satisfaction in knowing I've served my family well, and instilled in them a love of home and domesticity. For those of us who have homes, why not invest in them with more than the "perfect" Christmas tree, or the most opulent light display? Baking is one of those things the kids will remember, too.