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Fall randomness

Fall is here, and I hope to enjoy it. Today, we're going on a trip to the gorge at Niagara Falls. It's a beautiful day for photos. I need some fun time. The course I am taking, which is a survey of the Bible, is a lot more work than the previous class I took. There is a lot of reading. I'm on schedule for next week with the exception of some reading on Esther. In my Bible reading for the course, I'm on Job 13. I like my prof a lot. He challenges us to think hard about the issues.

I'm off soon for a conference in Quebec. The last time I went to a conference with my husband, it was to Whitehorse. La Malbaie has some big shoes to fill. I have two assignments I need to finish before I go. 

I'm scheduled to get my cast off on October 7th, and I will be glad. There is a lot I can't do, and typing is not easy. Part of the way my seminary class discusses things is through an on-line forum. My contributions have been brief. Maybe that's a good thing.

A broken metacarpal has intruded on my knitting projects. I am making some things for Christmas gifts, and while I can knit, it's slow going, and it hurts my thumb, index and middle finger, who are not used to bearing all of the knitting load. Those other two immobilized fingers are missed. I am almost done this one:


Last week was full of all kinds of internet angst. I took a little interest in it, but with school, I just don't have the time to ponder those matters. Again, maybe that is a good thing. That said, I do miss some of my blogging friends who are also busy.

Pumpkin season is upon us. Somewhere in the midst of things, I do have to get my pie pumpkins and freeze some. I am the pie-maker for Thanksgiving dinners, and I plan on using fresh puree. Can you believe we are already talking about Thanksgiving?

Things don't have much promise of slowing down. In October, my son's girlfriend is having her graduation recital. She is a pianist, and I'm looking forward to hearing her program. I also have a mid-term the next day, so I'd better study well.

One of my oldest friends has breast cancer. I was so thankful to hear a positive pathology report. Still, it is a scary thing. One in nine women will be affected by breast cancer. I wonder how many of my other friends will confront this.

Reading through the historical books reminds me again of God's mercy. It's also reminded me of the war themes in Scripture. My prof is researching holy war. I'd be interested to hear his thoughts.

My fingers have had enough, and there's still time to get some reading done before we go. Happy Saturday!