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The Kingdom Revealed in Christ

Graeme Goldsworthy points out the significance of understanding that Jesus is more than the end of a process:

It is important that we understand very clearly that this fact of the Old Testament's progression towards a fulfillment in the New is not merely an invitation to understand Jesus Christ as the end of the process.  It is also a demand that the whole Bible be understood in light of the gospel.  It means that Jesus Christ is the key to the interpretation of the whole Bible, and the task before us is to discern how he interprets the Bible.  It should be realized at the outset that when we speak of Jesus Christ as the key to interpretation we must speak of Jesus Christ as he is revealed - the Christ of the gospel. It is not sufficient to stress the ethics of the man Jesus of Nazareth out of the context of the savings acts of God (as many liberals do), nor to stress the supernatural presence of the Christ with the believer out of the context of the meaning of the historical humanity of God come in the flesh (as many evangelicals do).  Obviously we need to be clear about the gospel itself if we are to be clear about the significance of Christ for interpreting the Bible.


Wisdom and The Christian Mind-Set

One of the three books in Graeme Goldsworthy's book The Goldsworthy Trilogy, is Gospel and Wisdom.  I started reading that one on the weekend.  I liked this:

When we think of a sanctified mind, many Christians will think exclusively of a morally pure mind.  Conversely, a sinful mind will be thouhgt of in terms of moral impurity.  We need to broaden our understanding beyond the moral dimensions.  To think Christianly with a sanctified mind is to think of reality in terms of the truth that is revealed in Christ.  A sinful mind-set is one which views reality apart from what God has revealed.  It may think high and noble thoughts of humanitarian kindness, but to the extent that the truth of God is left out of reckoning that mind-set is sinful.

The Christian mind-set comes about through the gospel, and so we must come to think of Christian wisdom as a conforming of the mind to the gospel.  If, then, we understand the gospel only in its basic terms of Jesus dying for us, we will probably wonder how this can affect the way we think totally.  We need to remind ourselves that the simple gospel is also profound.  The truth, 'Jesus died for me', actually implies everything that God has revealed in the Bible about his relationship to humanity and to the created order.  Growing as a Christian really means learning to apply the fact of the gospel to every aspect of our thinking and our doing.