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What is grace?

From Living for God's Glory, by Joel Beeke:

In defining irresistible grace, let us first look at the term grace, then focus on the adjective.  The Old Testament Hebrew term for grace and its derivatives suggests kindness, favor, and graciousness.  The New Testament Greek term suggests goodwill, lovingkindness, and favor.  When applied to sinful men in a redemptive context, grace means unmerited favor in the place of merited wrath.  Too often, grace is defined only as God's unmerited favor to sinners.  The word unmerited, however, is took weak.  As sinners, we have de-merited God's favor.  Not only do we not deserve grace, we do deserve hell.  Grace is God's blessing freely bestowed on ill-deserving sinners.  It is a blessing bestowed at the cost of Christ's sufferings and death.  Grace is God's love in Christ put into action.  Grace is mightier than all our sins, our adverse circumstances, and our human impossibilites.  Grace is the heart of the Bilble and our salvation.


A User-friendly God?

I liked this comment from Joel Beeke in his book Living for God's Glory:

Too many of us today present God as more user-friendly than His own Word does.  We want to make people feel comfortable, so we avoid telling them anything that will make them uneasy.  We are so concerned about losing our young people that we never ask them to gaze on the holiness of God or challenge them to lie out that holiness in the childlike fear of God.  We condone materialism, worldiness, and triviality because we have so little sense of an ever-present, infinitely holy God.

Our lives seldom testify that we are willing, at any price, to "buy the truth, and sell it not" (Prov. 23:23).  Dangerous compromises, subtle backsliding, Ephesian coldness, and Laodicean indifference multiply the "unreformedness" of our lives.  How often we esteem ourselves and our reputation above the name of God and His reputation.