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Restoring chastisements

I've been reading the book Lifting Up Our Hearts daily. I share one each Sunday, but the one I read yesterday will be a favourite, I'm sure. it's entitled "Judge and Father." 

We don't like the word "judge" but we do like to think of God as our father. He is a judge, though. In this prayer, I liked what Calvin says here:

O grant that Thy chastisements, by which
Thou wouldest restore us to a sound mind,
may not prove ruinous to us,
but so influence us by Thy Spirit within, that we
being really humbled, may acknowledge Thee
as our judge and father.

We know the chastisements of God will come. We know that he only chastises those whom he calls sons. Our response is to pray that those chastisements would not be "ruinous" to us, but rather influence us. We can pray we won't fall.

I have noticed that in this book so far, Calvin prays often to be humbled. That's a good thing to pray for.


Lifting Up Our Hearts 

Hold Fast the Reconciliation - Hosea 3:1-5

Grant, Almighty God,
that as Thou often does justly hide Thy face from us,
so that on every side we see nothing but evidences
of Thy dreadful judgmet ---

O grant that we, with minds raised above the scene of
this world, may at the same time cherish the hope that
Thou constantly settest before us, so that we may feel
fully persuaded that we are loved by Thee, however
severely Thou mayest chastise us.

And may this consolation so support and sustain our
souls, that, patiently enduring whatever chastisements
Thou mayest lay upon us, we may ever hold fast the
reconciliation that Thou has promised to us in Christ
Thy Son. Amen