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Quoting Packer

In his book Taking God at His Word, in Chapter 5, "God's Word is Final," Kevin DeYoung quotes J.I. Packer

Our own intellectual competence is not the test and measure of divine truth. It is not for us to stop believing because we lack understanding, but to believe in order to understand.

This aspect of God's authority, of course, sits alongside the attribute of Scripture's clarity. God has given us a word which He wants us to understand. It is not humility to doubt God's word when we can't understand it. While we should doubt our own hearts, we don't doubt God because something is difficult to understand. And of course, these principles can't even begin without a pre-supposition that God is God and that He has spoken.


Cave worthy

At the end of 2013, I was determined to avoid purchasing new books in 2014, but even my 20 year old son knew I would have a hard time sticking to this.

However, I did allow myself some room to cave on my intention. But the opportunities for caving must be well thought out. Some books I can be patient in waiting for; others not.

Kevin DeYoung's book Taking God at His Word is cave worthy. 

In the first chapter, DeYoung begins with Psalm 119:

I want all that is in Psalm 119 to be an expression of all that is in our heads and in our hearts. In effect, I'm starting this book with the conclusion. Psalm 119 is the goal. I want to convince you (and make sure I'm convinced myself) that the Bible makes no mistakes, can be understood, cannot be overturned, and is the most important word in your life, the most relevant thing you can read each day.

There are things about God's word we ought to believe:

What it says is true
What it says is right
What it says is good

The Psalmist has three attitudes toward the Word of God:

He delights in itn it
He desires it
He depends on it

These are to be our attitudes, too. DeYoung says: "Every true Christian should feel deep in his bones an utter dependence on God's self-revelation in the Scriptures."

Recently, Rebecca said that she felt this would be one of those books of theology that every Christian woman needed to read. I think she's right.