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Meandering morning thoughts

It's been a busy week, and in the midst of the business life, I've had lots of "stuff" floating around in my head that I don't have time to think through fully.

I was thinking about women teaching in the light of posts from Aimee Byrd, Persis Lorenti, Deb Welch, and Lisa Spence. I was thinking how there is often a reluctance among women to question popular women teachers because it is viewed as being judgmental. I think we all need to review what that word means. I find it so frustrating when women refuse to question things because they're afraid every question means their being judgmental or using speech in an unwholesome way. This is actually one of the reasons young people become frustrated with the church, especially when they go away to school and their profs are expecting them to ask questions. Personally, I think anti-intellectualism starts with a fear of asking questions. There's my sermonette on that.

I would love to have a bible that is a parallel version with the ESV and the NASB. That will never happen, I'm sure, because it wouldn't sell nearly as well as some of the study bibles that have come out. I enjoyed Carl Trueman's thoughts on this.

Speaking of bibles, mine had a bath on the weekend. A poorly sealed water bottle and an hour long car ride soaked the bottom of my leather tote bag and the bible sitting at the bottom. The pages are now dry and I'm thinking of ways to flatten the pages. Thankfully, the binding and cover are still in good shape. This is what it looks like when your wet bible dries out:

When I'm done working on it, I may post some before/after pictures.

In my ladies' Sunday school class last week, we talked about how children and marriage can become an idol for people. At school last weekend, I sat with two single women in their 30's and they both exressed that same thought. One of them in particular was very disappointed that most studies about women in the Bible end up talking about how women relate to men. She has no plans to marry, and found this frustrating. It made me think about how narrow women's ministries can be. Lore Ferguson Willet had good article related to this.

Yesterday and overnight, we had winds gusting up to 90km/h. Now is when it will really look like November, because there are probably no leaves left on the trees. I'm glad I went out with my camera last week. I took some pictures of the last vestiges of nice fall weather. I don't mind grey days, actually. One just has to bundle up. 

And now to get started on this day. I have a date with the book of Mark, and hope to finish it today as well as getting my Sunday school lesson done.

Happy Friday!


The words of others

Sometimes, the words of others are so edifying. Here are some posts I read this morning that are a blessed relief from some of the more disturbing things I've read lately.

Julian Freeman talks about the fact that he's a slow learner. (HT: Tim Challies

Diane Bucknell, on her 62nd birthday, reminisces about the lessons she learned from her mother.

Persis is guest blogging at Housewife Theologian with some comments about domestic abuse.


Get thee to another blog!

No blogging for me this morning, which may be a relief for some.

This week, I've read and benefitted from posts written by Paul Tautges about friendship. I don't think he's geared these words to female friendships, specifically, but I have learned quite a bit from them.

The first one is called The Indispensable Need for Biblical Friends.

The second is called Four Marks of a Biblical Friend.

Today's is Forging and Cultivating Biblical Frirendships.

I have never found being friends with women an easy thing. This is probably due to my own shortcomings. Either that, or being the only girl in the family of four children, and lack of girliness forever influened what kind of female friend I am, i.e. a bad one. Truly, my husband is my best friend. Men are often so much easier than women to be friends with even when they do frustrate us. 

And yet, I know that I need female friends. I think it is worth the effort to have them, although I know I fail at this. Recently, I have had quite a few struggles in this area, and that has made from some self-examination.

I am sure you will learn a lot from these posts.


Recent reads

Here are some things I've read recently that are worth a look:

It's the season for VBS, and while we have those little lives to speak into, David Kjos reminds us to take that responsibility seriously, in For the Children.

Melissa talks about the struggle to live a quiet life. Melissa often articulates well what is in my own heart.

David Murray talks about the "goods" of sin, in "All Things for Good. Sin, too?"

Luma Simms looks at the good and the risk of the "Mom" blog.



"Non-issues" blogging

This morning, I wrote and deleted two posts. What a discouraging way to start a Friday. Oh well, it's better to delete than regret later.

There are always many "issues" to blog about: the role of women, social justice issues, political issues, etc. There is a place for those, but there is also a point where it's just a lot of blah, blah, blah.

If you feel like the blog world is full of blah, blah, blah today, read these two posts, which are not about issues.

First, Diane at Theology for Girls talks about the need for women to understand doctrine.

Second, Rebecca is at Out of the Ordinary, talking about Scriptural Lessons From the Natural World. 

Both of these ladies are women I look up to and admire. You'll enjoy their posts today.