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Love letters

I am well into Diana Severance's book A Cord of Three Strands.  Three Centuries of Christian Love Letters.

Letter writing is a lost art.  Our quick e-mails, pithy tweets and texts, and greeting card brevity doesn't make for good love letters.  Does anyone write love letters any more?

This is one I liked, written by Margaret Winthrop to her husband John:

My most sweet Husband, -- How dearly welcome your kind letter was to to me, I am not able to express.  The sweetness of it did much refresh me.  What can be more pleasing to a wife, than to hear of the welfare of her best beloved, and how he is pleased with her poor endeavors!  I blush to hear myself commended, knowing my own wants.  But it is your love that conceives the best, and makes all things seem better than they are.  I wish that I may be always pleasing to you, and that those comforts we have in each other may be daily increased, as far as they be pleasing to God.  I will use that speech to you that Abigail did to David, I will be a servant to wash the feet of my lord.  I will do any service wherein I may please my good husband.  I confess I cannot do enough for you, but you are pleased to accept the will for the deed, and rest contented.

I have many reasons to make me love you, whereof I will name two:  First, because you love God, and secondly, because you love me.  If these two were wanting, all the rest would be eclipsed.  But I must leave this discourse and go about my household affairs.  I am a bad housewife to be so long from them, but I must needs borrow a little time to talk with you, my sweet heart.  The term is more than half done.  I hope your business draws to an ened.  It will be but two or three weeks before I see you, though they be long ones.  God will bring us together in his good time, for which time I shall pray.  I thank the Lord, we are all in health.  We are very glad to hear so good news from our son Henry.  The Lord make us thankful for all his mercies to us and ours.  And thus, with my mother's an my own best love to yourself and al the rest, I shall leave scribbling.  The weather being cold, makes me make haste.  Farewell, my good husband.  The Lord keep you.

Your obedient wife, Margaret Winthrop

The heart of this wife is really beautiful.  She clearly desires to be a godly wife, and values in John what is most to be valued, his devotion to God. 

I'm sure certain women reading this would only cringe and think her "brainwashed."  I'm thankful Margaret Winthrop likely didn't know that word.