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There's been a major shift in the universe

I'm going to read The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene.

We had company last week, our young friend and his wife and two children.  Hubby was talking to our friend about books they'd both read.  This young man suggested once that I read Atlas Shrugged, but I think that's something I need more concentration to read than I can afford right now.  I will consider it.  

He suggested I read The Elegant Universe.  Hubby has suggested it before.

I'm terribly right-brained.  I am interested in some aspects of science, but I've always held a very deep-seated inferiority complex in matters of science and math.  That C+ in Calculus in university was a fluke, I'm sure of it.

However, having been challenged in Douglas Wilson's book Wordsmithy to read more widely, I've decided to take up the challenge.

I'm glad I have a hubby who can explain the hard parts to me.

As soon as my bible study workshops have been completed at the end of January, I'm diving in.