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Odds and Ends

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Kids have been coming and going. Well, kid, anyway. My older son has made a couple of overnight visits home for appointments. I love it when the dog goes wacko when she realizes he's home. I also like to hear the astute things my son says. He made an observation about the legacy his family has left him with regard to wanting (or, rather, not wanting) to be sociable. He was right on the money.

Life and death

There's nothing more awkward than sharing personal details with your life insurance agent. I had no idea I would have to provide the details I did yesterday in addition to being forced to wear the weirdest slippers ever. The broker we went to works out of her home, and she insisted I wear slippers in her house despite the fact that I had socks on. My husband thought it was to keep potential athlete's foot out of her home. I protested that the germs on my hands were likely more problematic than my feet. I'm glad that's over. Now, we have to update our wills. Nothing like these two activities to make a person think about her death and look back upon her life. These activities have made me feel very thankful for a healthy husband.

A grumpy woman

Lately, I have found blog reading rather a drag. I still read my favourites, but lately, as I scan links on my Twitter feed, I pass by more and more of them. I'm afraid I'm becoming a grumpy old woman. When I see parenting articles or articles about marriage, I just yawn (or sometimes an action less kind) because I'm so been there, done that. And sometimes, when I look back at being a younger woman, I think I over analyzed my marriage far more than was necessary. The easiest way to discover marriage problems is to read someone's article about marriage, and presto! marriage problems. What I have noticed lately is younger bloggers read and recommend younger bloggers, and older bloggers read and recommend older bloggers. I think I'm okay with that. 

Thank you, Netflix

I am really thankful for Netflix because right now there is such a dearth of decent television viewing. My favourite show, Longmire, has been cancelled, Hockey Night in Canada has not started yet, and I'm waiting for a new instalment of Inspector Lewis to begin on PBS. Currently, I am re-watching Foyle's War and also a new one, Inspector George Gently. My son complains bitterly that my watching of British television means that Netflix keeps recommending British programming to him. This, coming from someone who seems to be powering through Dr. Who. When I'm really looking for a t.v. show to knit by, I will sit with my hubby as he re-watches Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can tell we're getting old. We even listened to an 80's radio station in the car the other day.

Come on, fall!

The colours of fall are beginning to invade. Yesterday, en route home, we drove past ripening fields of corn and soybeans. I love to watch soybeans ripen. They look so vibrant against a blue sky. I'll be scheduling some photo walks this week after I get my lesson for Sunday complete. Last night, I was out walking, and I saw the Double Crested Cormorants which have taken up residence in our local park. They're imposing birds. I could see them roosting in the top of tree. They reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I kind of wish they'd go away. I haven't heard good things about them.

Smaller is good

I had about fifteen students in my class on Sunday. Yes, small potatoes in comparison to some teachers who command large audiences. The thing I like about my class? Well, aside from the fact that they actually come and want to learn, I know all of their husband's names, their children's names, and some of their grandchildren's names. I know them and they know me. I can make time to talk to them and know who they are. I'm thankful for them.

Homey thoughts

I went to a Pampered Chef party recently and bought biscuit cutters. I've always wanted some. I'm going to be baking biscuits later today. I'm also going to try a recipe for minestrone soup that looks good. Next week, it's off to buy pie pumpkins for freezing. I'm so thankful I have this unimportant, ordinary existence. It means I can do fun things like biscuit-making, knitting, and preserving.

I've decided that I like walking through my neighbourhood and knowing people so that we wave at each other as we pass by.

And now, onward and upward. I have a date with I John and Martyn Lloyd-Jones.